Courtney Pollard

Favorite Song

Is it a Crime x Sade

What is a hustler to you?

Someone who believes in making their own dreams come through with a passion to receive more.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Trying to guide myself instead of relying on God and guidance for those around me that care.

Words you'd give to another woman starting a business?

Do it with a passion or don’t do it at all.

About You and Your business

I’m a mother of one boy (Daniel), life Coach, licensed esthetician, and business owner. I founded my Holistic Health & Wellness company D’HILYFE in 2017 when I noticed the system I created for my clients to enhance their life through the mind, body, and soul.They saw that they were not only able to solve the problem they came to me with but exceed their results by overall changing their whole outlook on life. Clients were encouraged to do assignments that fed their soul, learn yoga or another physical activity, and meditation was mandatory. These three connectors helped clients become a higher version of themselves. In June of 2020, my team and I launched our first collection for our sister company D’HILYFE Skin. This personal care company makes face and body products made with quality and care. We use true essential oils that aid in helping health concerns such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, aches, and so much more!



@courtnista @dhilyfe @dhilyfeskin @cbcskin

Whats one thing you do that never fails you and helps you hustle harder? I go back to my ‘why’. In the beginning, my passion for helping others motivated me to create a brand bigger than myself and the clients I had. This vision needs to be experienced by the world. I can’t stop until I do that.

What kind of woman do you strive to be?

One that is healthy, happy, motivating, and fulfilled.

What makes you a hustler?

My stubborn passion. In my mind there is no losing only wins and lessons. My intention to keep striving no matter what happens makes me a hustler.

What would you tell your younger self?

Be patient and kind to yourself. Life is a marathon and there’s no need to rush into anything. Life can be mean and people can be meaner so always love on yourself and be kind to the person you have to be with for you whole life—you.

What is your vision for your business

To create a healthier world by providing education and products with quality and care

3 Women that Inspire you

My mother

My grandmother

My aunt

Favorite Quote

Visualize your highest self, and start showing up as them!

Upcoming Events and or News

Our skin care team will be In Downtown Houston on August 1st from 12-5 at a black owned business pop up shop! We also will be launching our kids skin line August 8th!


At first you don't succeed throw your heels on and try again!

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