E is for Eats! Essential Eats

E is for Essence of Essential Eats

Hustler: person who outlines a goal and do whatever to achieve it

Song: Meek Millz - Dreams & Nightmares

Line: My mama need some bill money, my son need some milk

Quote: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Women who inspires Essence

1. Beyonce 2. Mentor - Bianca Tabourn 3. Danie

Essence was born and raised in West Philadelphia, PA, went to Smith College where she majored in Engineering with a minor in Economics. And been working as an engineer for the past 4 years. Essence started Essential Eats about two years ago when she moved to Houston, TX. She was self taught and picked up her cooking knowledge from her mom and grandmother. I have traveled across the world expanding my talents and cuisines  to make Essential Eats what it is today.

My biggest accomplishment is starting Essential Eats and putting in the consistency to make it successful. I still have a lot of work to do but taking the leap of faith, believing in myself I am very proud of.

My biggest hurdle is myself, I am my best and worst weapon it feels like at times. I am also an mechanical engineer so at times I allow myself to get too comfortable in that employment that I’m not putting in the time I should for Essential Eats. It is definitely something I have improved on, but I’m still working on perfecting control of my mindset and how I spend my time. I know I am successful, I know where I want to be, I know how to get there it’s just about taking that knowledge and getting myself to take control and put it into action.

Words you'd give to another women starting a business?

Get comfortable with things not turning out the way you originally planned. I don’t really like using the word failure because it’s really just a learning experiences. You will have a bunch of “learning experiences” the faster you get comfortable with them the faster it is to learn from them and keep pushing forward.

Second thing is to never underestimate your worth, doesn’t matter how many people that is in your field. There is room for everyone to be successful, stand strong on knowing that you are one of a kind and that you can achieve your goals. Don’t let anyone every tell you anything else.

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