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What is a hustler to you?

A hustler is an individual who strives to achieve all dreams and goals no matter what obstacles may be hindering him/her (other jobs, family, relationships, etc.). This individual normally is working multiple jobs or has various skills in order to fulfill the ultimate goal and dream. A go-getter, a leader and an extremely passionate and driven individual who wants all that he/she righteously deserves.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle throughout building my empire has been having to rely on "Corporate America" to fund my capital to avoid outrageous loan and interest rates. Remaining sane in an environment that is racist against gender and color although this strong, Black educated woman continues to fight for what's right!

About You and Your business

I am a Team Lead for Learning & Development during the work week for a finance company. In the evenings, I am a Biology Professor administering Nutrition & Diet Therapy classes to nursing and pre-med students. I am the Chief Operations Officer for Femme & Flora, Inc. - a nonprofit looking to improve body literacy and uterine health outcomes through service, education and advocacy. Our board consists of an extensive history of experience, skill and education with nutrition educators (specialized in K-12 students, college students and adult health), doula, mid-wife, multiple Master Nurse Practitioners, spa and clinic owner, fitness instructor, sex therapist and a plant scientist. We own The Womb Haven - a garden plot located at the Blodgett Urban Gardens across from Texas Southern University provided herbs and foods to our members, clients and communities. We also have a host of programs including the P.E.R.I.O.D. Drives (accumulating organic uterine health items to donate to women in need), health educational workshops and membership opportunities. We have a partnership with the Texas Southern University Lady Tigers Basketball Team assisting with uterine care products in addition with Period.org to fight tampon tax policies through the legislature. We are looking to help heal and educate the community regarding any uterine health issues (menstruation, endometriosis, fibroids, infertility, PCOS, sex trauma, etc.)

I am the Manager and Booking Agent for The Self Publication - a series combating racism and colorism in the Black community in order to promote and empower motivation and love owned by artist, Nitashia Johnson. We have 2 books and currently working on a 3rd series. We host events including art galleries, book signings, creative writing classes and women empowerment events.

Me - I am just an extremely passionate individual who loves educating, healing and uplifting individuals! I am adamant about healing my community and being a presence as we look to empower and grow for the future. I am a lover of the arts and sciences as both have been instrumental in my career. A retired chef and previous restaurant owner, I shifted gears with culinary arts when I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I began studying nutrition even more in which I reversed my own Diabetes along with a host of other diagnoses including Bipolar disorder by transitioning to a plant-based diet. These changes led me to (in addition to education due to my love for "A Different World" growing up) determining exactly what I was meant to do in life which was educate and heal! When I do have free time, going to the beach to meditate and do yoga, reading, writing or anything artsy keeps my mind fresh and positive. Although somehow, I always end up writing new goals and planning my next business venture lol - Life of a hustler! I still see many more avenues to tap into and look forward to accomplishing each and every one as I continue to build my empire and generational wealth for my future offspring.


www.femmeandflora.org / www.theselfpublication.com


www.facebook.com/femme.flora / www.facebook.com/theselfpublication


@femme.flora / @theselfpublication

Words you'd give to another woman starting a business?

To never give up! Even when the weight of the world and negative obstacles are placed in your path, you may slip off of your pedal stool but ALWAYS get back up, readjust that crown and proclaim the Goddess that you are! Our ancestors did NOT go through all they did to provide us with the resources and tools that we need to live in happiness, success and prosperity. The strength is embedded in us but it is up to us to remain faithful, passionate and continue to work hard because it will ALWAYS pay off!

What kind of women do you strive to be?

I strive to the best of my ability in order to be a role model or mentor for younger women. I strive to be a positive, motivating and helpful woman with a great energy each time someone is in my presence. Also to be proud of the natural, highly melanated Goddess that I have grown into. I want to uplift other women to be proud of who they are and to encourage her to become Her best ability once she determines Her talents for the universe.

What's one thing you do that never fails you and helps you hustle harder?

Meditation - you must stay grounded and positive! Praying to the Most High, Ancestors, Sun & Moon gives a perfect alignment to conquer my day each and every day. In these mediations, not only I am thankful for all of the gifts that have been provided to me but for the opportunities to achieve each one. Repeated affirmations of my destiny and ensuring that my safe space is always clean, positive and full of high frequencies and vibrations is a daily routine.

What makes you a hustler?

It's a natural trait lol. Both my father and grandfather were hardworking men and I looked up to their hustling abilities. It became natural for me to multi-task and balance multiple priorities at the same time at an early age (active in school, church and athletics). After going through some life experiences that could have me either strung out on a corner or 6-ft underground, I was able to use the learned hustling traits from childhood and overcome my adversities to not succumb to the "pity party" and mental health issues and fight to become my greatest potential. Here I am, 12 years later since that epiphany, 4 degrees later, a few businesses under my belt and a wealth of knowledge that I want to shower unto others so that he/she can become a hustler in his/her own fashion.

What would you tell your younger you

To not be so gullible that everyone is your friend and has your best interest in heart. When you're destined for greatness, nothing can really hold you back but YOU! A betrayal can come in all shapes and forms (best friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, parents, etc.) so don't allow negative influences to hinder you from your destiny.

What is your vision for your business

The vision is to continue to help women and men of color to strive above all health (nutrition, uterine, mental, etc.) issues in order to enjoy a life full of longevity, happiness, good health, love and success. This aligns with all of my business avenues including new entities in the works!

3 Women that Inspire you

My mother, Carolyn "Cal" Walker, who taught me to be a boss at all times and there is nothing wrong with being an intelligent, brown-skinned Black woman. My maternal grandmother, Mable Turner, who ALWAYS supported my decisions and encouraged me that it was okay to be "different" and not be a follower. My best friend, Linda Montgomery, as she is the true definition of a ride or die. I met her the first day of obtaining my first degree and the rest is history. The one person who knows all of my strengths, weaknesses, secrets yet she supports me 100% in everything that I do. She is like my sister and better half. [3 celebrities who I look(ed) up to: Maya Angelou (the artist in me), Angela Davis (the advocate in me) and Michelle Obama (epitome of a Strong Black woman)]

Favorite Quote

"Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave." - Maya Angelou

Favorite Song

Independent x Webbie and Booise

Upcoming Events, etc.

May 2020: Virtual panel discussion, virtual health educational workshops, virtual mini-lessons, P.E.R.I.O.D. Dives, The Womb Haven maintenance - Please subscribe at www.femmeandflora.org for more details

For The Self Publication - "Black Love" series and creative writing challenges - Please subscribe at www.theselfpublication.com for more details.


At first you don't succeed throw your heels on and try again!

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