Natalie Thomas

What is a hustler to you?

Innovative to do what have to be done to put in the work necessary to meet your goal.

What makes you a hustler?

My drive is what makes me a hustler. I look at my children and want them to see the hustle in me and be inspired to hustle just as hard or even harder. I teach them nothing is given or handed to them on a silver plater and that everything is earned!

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Being a full time mother of 8, a ER Nurse and a business owner. Maintaining

balance while pushing myself to fight thru.

Words you'd give to another woman starting a business?

Do your research, never stop learning and growing, pray and push thru.

About You and Your business

Houstonian entrepreneur and registered nurse. I own and operate a photography/videography business providing a wide variety of services such as special projects, branding, events, Birthdays and graduates.






Whats one thing you do that never fails you and helps you hustle harder?

The power of prayer! Whenever I need clarity or feel overwhelmed I definitely pray about it.

What kind of women do you strive to be?

I definitely strive to be a better me and inspire others to uplift one another. When

you surround yourself around like minded individuals it defiantly helps having support.

What would you tell your younger self?

Surround yourself around positivity and let go of a thing negative things that has

no value to you. Get your credit score up early on.

What is your vision for your business

My vision is for my business is to provide an experience that allows clients to

see the value in a professional photography and videography services for both personal and professional use.

3 Women that Inspire you

Beyonce- her hustle her drive her commitment and her creativity is inspiring

Sarah Jakes Robert- the word her sermon is so inspiring and therapeutic

Locally I'm inspired by Sandra Palacios owner of Sculpt Med Spa because she is also a nurse entrepreneur who started her business and work as a ER Nurse.

Michelle Boykin owner of Lash by Lachelle who offers so many services beyond lashes including hair, lash, microblading and taxes as well as educational courses.

Sasha Payne owner of iheartlash offering lash services and educational course. Watch her build her brand and excel.

Favorite Song

6 Inch x Beyonce

Favorite Quote

Music inspires has a huge impact lifting me up and motivating me. Aaliyah's Try Again "if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again."


At first you don't succeed throw your heels on and try again!

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