Shelby Cummings

What is a hustler to you?

A hustler is someone who follows their dreams and passions wholeheartedly and

doesn't let anything or anyone deter them. A hustler is someone who uses the

time their given, prioritizes their hustle/business, and does whatever it takes to

succeed. They don't take no for an answer and understand that the hustle is sold

separately when building a brand/business. Lastly, a hustler is not a quitter,

they're a #gogetter at all cost!

What makes you a hustler?

I would say my ambition, my attitude and the skills and knowledge I bring to the

table in any room I'm in. I'm a hustler because I know my worth and understand

that I can do and be anything I want to in this world, I just have to have the

courage, smarts and work ethic to go out and get it. I'm not concerned about

whose inviting me to their table to pop off. I'm more concerned about creating my

own table and bringing like-minded women on this journey with me. I'm a hustler

because I always find a way to make things work.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

I just recently launched my travel agency in January 2020. The biggest hurdle

thus far has been reaching clientele that has an interest in traveling and making

them aware of my business so they can book me. I really want to reach clients

authentically so my biggest hurdle thus far has been creating a strategy to reach

my target audience and grow at an average rate authentically.

Words you'd give to another woman starting a business?

I genuinely believe that God gives us certain talents that we're supposed to use

in our lifetime. Don't sit on your talent or smarts because you're afraid of what

other people will say or if people will support you. Do it scared and build it as you

go. If God gave you the vision, He will give you the provision to carry out your

dreams, if you do your part!

About you and your business.

Brenna Travel is a full-service travel agency that focuses on creating one of a

kind travel experiences you'll remember for years to come. Through personal

experience, extensive research, a knack for traveling, we curate your travel wish

list and turn it into a reality. From solo trips to work trips and everything in

between, we have you covered. With access to the best deals and destinations,

each trip you book with us will be one to remember.

We'll be with you every step of the way, from the moment you book with us. Let

us worry about the details so you don't have to. What are you waiting for? Book

with us today!




What's one thing you do that never fails you, and helps you to hustle harder?

For me, it's always remembering the bigger picture and reminding myself why I

decided to step out on faith and start my brand. That keeps me motivated to

hustle harder because not being successful is not an option.

What kind of woman do you strive to be?

I strive to be a multifaceted woman who is a light to anyone she encounters. I

really want to be a woman that is strong and sure in my faith, successful in my

career and business, and who can pull likeminded women up with her as she

goes. I want my light to shine so brightly that anytime you encounter me, you get

something from it.

What would you tell your younger self?

I would tell myself that there is not one place or age that is perfect. Don't get

caught up in destination addiction or what everyone else is doing. Focus on you,

lean in on you, and enjoy your journey.

What is your vision for your business?

My vision is to create a travel brand and community where travel lovers can

come together and connect with one another. The community would consist of

being able to book travel, share travel stories, having bloggers submit travel

stories to my blog, creating aa content series around traveling where talk myths

and people can ask questions. Also, one day, I want to create an app for my

travel brand.

3 Women that inspire you

My mom because she raised me to be strong, independent, and a #gogetter.

Because of her, there's nothing I don't think that I can do. She's the most

amazing woman I know.

My Aunt Carolyn because I admire the career she built for herself, how

supportive she is of me, and how she always pushes me outside of my comfort


My tribe of friends because I surround myself with intelligent, hardworking, boss

women who bring so much to the table. They push and inspire me to go hard

and be a woman I can be proud of.

Favorite Song

High Fashion x Roddy Rich

Favorite Quote

"To whom much is give, Much will be required." Luke 12:48

Upcoming events, etc.

None - Just follow my social media to stay informed on deals.


At first you don't succeed throw your heels on and try again!

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