Tonya Stephens

Favorite Song

My Life x MJB and Break the chain x Fleetwood Mac

What is a hustler to you?

A hustler is a person who thinks outside of the box and encompasses the will and determination to succeed despite how many times they fail. A hustler picks up the pieces and moves forward with the passion and drive and makes a way. A true go getter.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest hurdle has been at first was knowing when and that it is okay to say

no. It is okay to know that all business is not good business and in order to grow your business you must have that understanding and know your path and vision you set.

Words you'd give to another woman starting a business?

I would say do your research knowledge is power and don't be afraid to take that

leap of faith and risk. You know known what could happen if you do not put your foot forward and start your journey. Take that risk and start that idea and keep going no matter how many times you fall and you will fall, but it is up to you to pick up the pieces and move on and you will see results.

About You and Your business

I am a born and raised in Houston,Texas. A graduate of Sam Houston State University. Started my career working for the Houston Texans then the Houston Rockets for 13 years. I am an Independent Trader started with Stocks 9 years ago and now a Professional Day Trader I mentor and teach students how to make money in the market with my self created and coded templates that make it easy to understand. I consult and help students understand the market in the simplest form so profit can be made. We give one on one live sessions to give students the one on one interaction so they can fully understand we have and provide a free group of over 1,650 subscribers where beginners and mid level traders can come and get free tips, ebooks, videos, and signals for the market.






Joe Chaser

Whats one thing you do that never fails you and help you hustle harder?

I keep faith in God, stay consistent and keep going and repeat.

What kind of women do you strive to be?

I strive to be a woman of inspiration. I want the younger generation to look at me and know that it is possible to be successful in field where it is only 4% female. I want to push myself to the next level and just give my all and be the best me I can be.

What makes you a hustler

My drive drive results.

What would you tell your younger you

Everything happens for a reason and trust the process.

What is your vision for your business

My vision is already in process and that is to open and provide a space where traders can network, learn, and come and partake in live sessions and classes.

3 Women that Inspire you

My mother, Oprah & Michelle Obama

Favorite Quote

Its not what they call you but what you chose to answer to

Upcoming Events and or News

Invited to several talk shows the times and dates are still being coordinated presently


At first you don't succeed throw your heels on and try again!

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